Generate API Backend without coding and more...

With backend+, you can generate and download source code of RESTFul API backend , admin console and documentation, without coding.

How It Work ?

Build data structure using our user friendly UI. And that's it! You can download source code for CRUD operation.

Rocket start your project

No one waits to finish backend api any more. All project members can start their part with simpe RESTFul API. And they can add and modify data by auto generated admin console.

  • Autogenerated RESTFul API Backend
  • Autogenerated Admin console for all CRUD operation
  • API documentation
Even you dont need make mockup response, app and frontend devs can start coding with real API with possibility to add and modify data by themselves using auto generated admin console.

Download auto generated source code

You can download auto generated source code to make huge progress at start of project.

  • Node.js Express.js based backend.
  • React.js, Redux, Webpack based admin console.
  • Dockerfile included.
Create data structure in browser, test auto generated source code on the fly, download entire project and bum ! you have almost half of project done !

No need to write API backend from scratch.

You start writing API backend code from where you have all CRUD logics for all models. You can focus on only business logic.

Our future customers

Start working with backend+ today and save your time.
Please send feedback to get redeem or bonus when we launch the product.

Pricing ?

Even this is still MVP phase we are considering about pricing. Probably we will charge per download or per server working time.

Source Code

$ 1 /download
  • Express.js Backend
  • React.js Admin console
  • Dockerfile
  • API documents
Get Started


$ 0.01 /hour
  • Full Access
  • Source Files
  • SSL
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What is Backend+ technology stack ?

The source code you get uses standard Node.js stack. Express.js for backend, React.js, Redux.js, Webpack for admin frontned.

What is the license of generated code ?

Generated code comletely belongs to you. You decide the license !

Can I use for commercial project ?


Can I use Backend+ for opensource project ?

Yup :)

Have Question ? Get in touch!

At this phase we do user support only in slack channel. Please contact us from slack.

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